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Shadow Kilo lives and operates in Exech City. He owns and runs ASSC Studios but what he actually does is relatively unknown. Shadow is married to SnowAngel Kilo, and his archenemy is his clone Eclipse who is usually viewed as a bigger idiot, more of an annoyance, and less of a threat than Shadow. A close (though sometimes reluctant) ally of Alby, SnowAngel, and Cessna he is part of ASSC and WISE (formerly SKEW) and is the head of the team in Exech City. He had formed the teams in hoping of getting away with slacking off and put El Burro, Dazed, and Crimson as they were either as lazy as he was or wouldn't notice him playing video games and reading comics all day.



Shadow's origins ultimately unknown though he has been shown to appear immediately after the destruction of South Park Mega Site. He is usually mentioned as the creator of the main Fourth Wall universe and has been known to display near omnipotent and omniscient powers which he and others say he gets from authoring whichever comic world they are currently in. At some point prior to living in Exech City he lived elsewhere with his unnamed parents. It is assumed this where he ran both South Park Mega Site and Boycott Homestead.

The Distant Past

Wanting to get into the sprite comic business to create a world to tell stories he and Alby had planned out of some time, Shadow over wrote the two websites they had been working on prior. Doing this created an almost empty Exech City along with the original ASSC which he planned to fill by putting in ads in a few sprite newspapers. Unbeknownst to him creating the original ASSC and Exech City simultaneously created Eclipse due to the meddling of Agent who used the opportunity the activate the Directrix. This set off a chain of events that lead to the creation of Ross as well. He would soon hire several other staff members such as Cessna who he would argue with that Babylon 5 was better tha Star Trek. Upon the hiring of Snowangel Rogue he was beaten up by the entire ASSC staff at the time.

The Past

Joe!!!!! and KSchad were seen convincing him to start a video section for ASSC VX called Blue Apple shortly before the destruction of ASSC VX while Cessna was missing. While the concept of Blue Apple was being explained to him, Alby warned Shadow about the impending destruction of ASSC VX but Shadow assumed Blue Apple would save this incarnation of the site.

After Blue Apple was created Shadow introduced SnowAngel Carter to some of the ASSC Staff as an editor and contributor. While showing SnowAngel her office Shadow was interrupted by KSchad that the witches sisterhood in Schnoz alerted him to a crisis involving Snowangel Rogue ingesting a blue apple turning her into Jadis. Shadow was present when SnowAngel Carter showed latent magic to defeat Jadis and the witches who sided with her.

When ASSC VX was finally destroyed Shadow was one of the people who forgot to warn Alby leaving inside the building during its destruction.

The Recent Past

Shortly before the 10th anniversary of ASSC Shadow spoke to Alby over his status as a staff member. Alby revealed he had quit over Mr. Duodenum. After JERK's plan to steal Shadow's sprite with help from Dark Duckman and Team Mercenary failed Shadow was involved in an explosion that could be seen from AHOP. In hoping to find his sprite Shadow Quantum Leaped causing a temporal flux which slightly modified the timeline. Later that year he refused to give Alby change on Christmas Eve.

Recent History


In the past he was much more calmer, collected, and aware of his abilities which he attempted to use for heroics as he used the comic worlds he visited for more of a cure for boredom and need for adventure and story telling. As time went on he became the cause of most of the random stupidity that interrupts the day to day life of those around him, much to everyone's dismay, usually forgetting about his powers due to his ever increasing idiocy using the various sprite comic worlds as a break from daily life to slack off and to be as lazy as possible.


Shadow's appearance has changed several times however he is usually depicted as orange with red streaks in his quills with blue ears, hair tuft, and two tails with black tips. He also almost always has black gloves, muzzle, and eyes. Currently he has red pupils though have been seen as green or gray. After the events of Genesis he is normally seen wearing a red t-shirt with a yellow and white center, light blue pants, and black shoes. Shadow is usually based on an exaggerated version of the staff member with the same name and as such has been voiced or played by him on several occasions.

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